Godfey Illinois

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Feb 9, 1991

Brief History of Godfrey

Godfrey is one of Illinois’ newest municipalities.  Located approximately 35 miles north of St. Louis, the Village was incorporated in 1991 as a result of a vote by the residents.

While the Village of Godfrey is one of Illinois’ newest municipalities, it is also one of its largest communities.  At over 36 square miles, the Village of Godfrey is the eighth largest municipality in terms of geographic area in the State of Illinois.

The Village of Godfrey has developed as a primarily residential community, consisting of a population of approximately 17,825 as of 2020 U.S. Census.  Much of the Village of Godfrey remains devoted to agricultural uses or remains in a natural state.

The Village of Godfrey has been rapidly developing in recent years.  With the completion of ongoing highway projects, including the completion of Illinois Route 255, additional explosive growth is anticipated.  Soon, the Village of Godfrey will see not only ongoing residential growth, but commercial development as well.

The culture in Godfrey, IL, is influenced by its natural surroundings and the community’s appreciation for outdoor activities. The village is known for its emphasis on preserving and enjoying the natural beauty of the rivers, parks, and trails in the area. Residents often participate in outdoor recreation, including hiking, biking, boating, and fishing.

Godfrey also has a strong sense of community, with various local events and festivals that bring residents together. The village promotes the arts through organizations like the Jacoby Arts Center, which hosts exhibitions, performances, and educational programs.

Things To Do in Godfrey

Pere Marquette State Park

Explore Pere Marquette State Park

Discover the natural beauty of this expansive park, which offers hiking trails, horseback riding, camping facilities, and breathtaking views of the Illinois River.

Sam Vadalabene Great River Road Bike Trail

Go hiking or biking on the Sam Vadalabene Great River Road Bike Trail

This scenic trail follows the Mississippi River and offers a great opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy nature.

Lewis and Clark Confluence Tower

Visit the Lewis and Clark Confluence Tower

Enjoy stunning views of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers from the top of this 180-foot tower. Learn about the historic Lewis and Clark expedition and the confluence of the two rivers.

Godfrey Top Five’s


  • The Great Rivers Scenic Route

  • Olin Nature Preserve
  • Nan Elliot Memorial Rose Garden
  • Homer Adams Parkway
  • Jacoby Arts Center


  • Johnson’s Corner Restaurant

  • Redbird Cafe
  • Castelli’s Restaurant

  • Joe’s Pizza & Pasta

  • Bigelo’s Bistro


  • Glazebrook Park
  • Pere Marquette State Park
  • Olin Nature Preserve
  • Godfrey Park
  • LaVista Park